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Patricia van den Akker

Patricia van den Akker is the Director of The Design Trust, and a creative business adviser, trainer & coach. She is known for asking thought-provoking questions, using creative exercises, connecting the dots and inspiring you to get into action to turn your ideas into reality. Are you ready? @TheDesignTrust

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About this course

*** PLEASE NOTE *** this recorded course is still available but will close for new participants on 15 December 2020. This current course & all the recordings and the network will be available to new participants till July 2021.  We will run this course again live in early/mid 2021 but at a far higher price as we created this for Covid.


This is a brand new online course on "how to teach your creative skills online" by The Design Trust, who have been successfully teaching online since 2012. 

We created this course as a direct result of many creatives and organisations being interested in teaching online during the Covid19 period.

During this practical and specialist course aimed at creative professionals you will be working towards launching a series of free online educational videos or create and launch a 2hour online workshop in the next few weeks. 

Through expert teaching by Patricia during the 3 workshops, in combination with practical homework exercises, you will learn how to start teaching your creative skills online and taking very practical steps to turn your teaching ideas into a do-able course or free video series to launch within weeks. 

What will I learn?

This course exists of 3 online workshops of 3 hours each on 3 consecutive Wednesdays: 

Workshop 1: Why? What? How? - Wednesday 1 April from 10am - 1pm (UK time)

In this introductory session we will focus on the foundations of why you want to teach online, what to teach and how to get started:

  • Identify first why you want to teach online to give yourself clarity and to help you identify the topics and content, and choose the best software for that purpose. 
  • What are the differences between teaching online and teaching in person? Because they are different! 
  • What do you want to teach? Find out how to choose the right topic for you and your clients.  Why going niche will be essential. Should you teach a skill or focus on a project? And how to do practical market research to identify your topic and format to make your training more viable, feasible and desirable.
  • How to teach: The pro and cons of recording sessions or live teaching, or hybrid. The format of your training. The technical requirements, including what's the best software and equipment? How to stand out in the market. Expert and real life tips from Patricia on how to become a more confident trainer. How to protect your training from being illegally downloaded or copied without permission. 
  • Homework: Practical market research exercise and start to outline your online training, including topic, ideal participant/viewer, format.

Workshop 2: Create online training that your clients love ... and finish - Wednesday 8 April from 10am - 1pm (UK time)

In this second session we will focus on the content and format of your online training:

  • Who is your learner? Create a clear profile of your ideal learners (homework), what and how they learn best, and how to accommodate different levels and learning styles. 
  • Why creating a structure is essential 
  • Planning your educational videos or online workshop: Who is it for? What do they want to learn? Format? Length? Start and end date.
  • Create your own lesson plan (homework): Title and purpose of your course or videos, break down your course or video's in bite-size chunks. Turning your ideas of teaching into a really do-able and practical plan, and it's the start of your sales page too!
  • Examples of questions, exercises and homework to keep your learners engaged and interested (and therefore much more likely to join and finish your course), based on their level and learning style. Plus it will make your training more creative, stand out and effective!
  • Create your detailed filming plan (homework) with detailed break down of your course or videos, including format, content, length, equipment and exercises or homework.  We will share a template to create your own filming plan. Having a detailed filming plan will help you to get ready and to make you feel less overwhelmed. 
  • We will share very useful teaching resources on how to create better training that people love to do and that will make you a more effective trainer.
  • Homework: Create a mini intro video and/or one-page-sales-page to capture emails from potential learners - before you launch.   

Workshop 3: How to get participants to sign up and make money from your online teaching

In this third and final session we will focus on the marketing, costing and pricing of your training and how to make money:

  • Different ways to make money with your online training - even if you offer your online training for free!
  • How to charge and price your course, add different price points, and how to get paid. 
  • Create a sales page for your course (homework) to start promoting and selling your course. 
  • Create your own launch marketing plan (homework) for your videos or 2hour workshop, with practical marketing tips including pre-selling, email promotions and pilots. 
  • How to get repeat learners and get them come back for more!

BONUS SESSIONS: We are also talking with a few creatives who are already successfully teaching online to share their insights with us too. We are planning to add 2-3 online Q&A's or video interviews with them that you can join live (and ask them questions) throughout April. 

Can't make these days or times? No problem!

This is an online course (see below) and we will be recording each session, plus you can ask any questions afterward on our private online training platform too. 

So, if you are super busy with other jobs and responsibilities right now (homeschooling anybody?) or if you are in a different timezone in the world, or maybe you are not exactly ready yet for creating your own online training programme yet but you would like to later in the year, then no problem at all!

This online course with at the core 3 online workshops will be recorded and you can watch these sessions whenever you like, as often as you like!

How does this online course work?

We are experts in teaching professional development online and have worked with 1,000s of creative professionals since 2012.

We use two different softwares for this course:

  • We use Ruzuku to create a private online training hub, where you will find all the info about your course, network with other participants, upload your homework exercises, and ask questions. It's really easy to use! PLUS you will have access to the course till the end of 2020. 
  • We use Gotowebinar for the live online workshops. You log in from your own computer at home and can see and hear Patricia speak. She will get you involved with thought-provoking questions, creative exercises and will give you homework to do to turn your ideas into a real workshop or educational video series.   

This is an online course, which means that you can join us from anywhere in the UK and overseas. All 3 sessions will be recorded and you will have access to them till the end of 2020. You can also ask questions during the live webinars, and also afterwards when you are making your online training happen. 

Because let's face it ... it's when you start putting this into practice that your questions will arise!

Taking part in a group with other creatives who are also working on creating and launching their training online will also help you to keep going and stay on track, swap ideas or resources, and make each other accountable! Plus we will all celebrate when you will be launching your first online training! 

To make the most of this course and to launch your own course or videos successfully that you will need to spend: 9 hours on taking part in this course, about 15 - 30 hours on the practical homework exercises in the course, and possibly around 10 hours filming and 5 - 10 hours marketing.  

Who is this specialist course for?

The Design Trust has created this course especially for designers, makers, visual artists who want to start teaching creative skills online. Maybe you currently already teach workshops and want to make the move now to online learning. Maybe you want to make some extra money during this difficult time. 

If you teach professional development, marketing or social media skills to creatives then this course will be still relevant too. And if you work in a different creative or food/wellbeing sector then this course might still be relevant to you although you might need to adapt some aspects. 

Need some additional feedback?

Although you will get written feedback from Patricia on the homework exercises that you upload you might have additional questions after the course, or want to get some more personal feedback on your teaching ideas. 

No problem! Patricia is happy to provide a one-hour online coaching/advice or review session with you after the course has finished for more detailed and individual feedback. You can book your online course + bonus + 1hour private coaching session here (click the brown 'register' button at the top left) Your coaching session will take place when it suits you between April - June 2020. 

Who teaches this class?

Patricia van den Akker is the Director of The Design Trust. She has been a creative business adviser, trainer and coach for creative businesses for more than 20 years and has worked with 1,000s of creative businesses at any stage of their career.  The Design Trust Business Club is a membership with 200+ professional designers and makers who can access more than 100 online recordings immediately on a wide range of topics - from planning and time management, to financial management and costing  and pricing, to marketing and selling online, at events, wholesale and much much more. 

She has been teaching creatives online since 2012. From online workshops and masterclasses, to group coaching sessions and expert interviews and Q&A with many other creative coaches and experts. 

In March 2018 she was voted the Number One Business Adviser in Design & Branding by Enterprise Nation. In July 2019 she was voted the Number One Business Adviser in the UK for Sales by Enterprise Nation!

This new online workshop is a unique opportunity to learn from a practical creative expert who has created a successful online business school reaching 1,000s of creatives each year and generating more than £100,000 in income. 

The course costs

This online course exists out of 3 sessions of 3 hours + 2-3 online bonus interview with creatives who already have successfully created and launched their class + you get access to the recordings and presentations + network with the other participants + additional resources including book recommendations, filming templates, sales page templates. 

You can pay for this course in one go for £99 (incl VAT) here (click the brown 'register' button) or use our easy payment plan in 4 monthly installments of £25,- here. (click the brown 'register' button at the top)

If you want also the one hour private coaching and advice then click here. (click the brown 'register' button at the top left)  


What if I can't make it on these days or times?

This is an online course, and all sessions will be recorded. So if you are unable to join us live that's not a problem at all. You can ask questions and upload the homework exercises on our private online training platform. And you have access to this course till the end of 2020, so you can do this course at your own pace. 

What equipment do I need?

You will need access to a computer (ideally PC or Mac, laptop) with reliable broadband to access the live webinars. You can join with a tablet or your phone too, although older models might have an issue to communicate during the session with text boxes. You don't need a headset or microphone.  

To create your ultimate online course or video sessions you might need to invest in some additional equipment and software, including a camera, lighting and a microphone or headset, although it is possible to create reasonably good films with your smart phone. 

Times are hard ... any discounts?

We know that times are hard for many creatives. However this course would normally cost around £200 - £250 to be honest, so we really have made it as affordable as possible. We are also offering a payment plan so you can spread the costs over 4 months, and we hope this will help you.

We also strongly believe that this course is a good investment and can make you money, now during this tough time of Corona, but also beyond. The plan is that you will be making more money from this course than that it cost you!

We are offering a £25 off discount to our Business Club members on this course, and we are partnering with Design Nation and Space London who are offering it to some of their participants or members for free. If you are a member of any of these partners then get in touch with them directly or wait for their emails.  

Not entirely sure yet if teaching online is right for you? Loads of questions?

We know that there is a huge interest in this topic of teaching your creative skills online right now, partly due to the Corona virus. If you have got loads of basic questions if you want to teach online, or you would like to find out a bit more how Patricia teaches then do check out our Q&A session here about teaching online. This is a free 90 min session (you have to scroll down a little).  

What if I want to join this course with more people?

Purchasing a ticket will allow you only personal access. None of this course should be shared with others who haven't paid or to teach others in any form. Like you we are a small creative business and this course is our copyright that we have developed over 20 years. I know that you wouldn't like it either if others would steal your copyright and share illegally. 

If you would like us to teach a group of creatives or within an organisational context the content of this course or you would like to join as part of a group then get in touch with you on as we can offer you a bulk discount. 

Got any more questions?

Then drop us an email at We are happy to help you.